Standing ovations, jaws dropping, smiles stretching from ear to ear, and eyes filled with tears of joy. High fives and hugs galore, laughter, memories, and friendships that last a lifetime. Expression through the creation of incredible theatrical and musical art.

We are Superior Arts Youth Theater.


Each season, youth ages 3 to 18, put in hours of hard work producing a series of performances to present to their family, friends and community. Whether it’s a preschooler or a senior in high school, a first performance or a tenth performance, our youth are beyond passionate for the performing arts and life.

In our very own town of Marquette, young people are coming from all over the Upper Peninsula to seize this unique opportunity and grow through singing, acting, dancing, crafting, and creating. They are learning who they are and all that they are capable of. Through performance and collaboration, SAYT helps to build cultural bridges while working to enhance understanding and communication in our society.

Here at SAYT you must prepare to be empowered with: CONFIDENCE, FRIENDSHIP, DEDICATION, TEAMWORK, and RESPONSIBILITY.

Superior Arts Youth Theater provides an experience that is not only enjoyable for the whole community, but also strives to teach all of Marquette the importance of these life skills in a remarkable way.

Stay tuned for our talented youth to share stories on how SAYT encourages and impacts these skills critical to their success in school and in everyday life.

Support today’s youth and tomorrow’s future!

Superior Arts Youth Theater is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.
Contributions provide scholarships and enhance the fine productions for the youth actors in Marquette, and it also offers you a charitable tax deduction.